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Hi and Welcome! We are glad you are visiting our website. If you have come to this site to learn more about the GME Mental Health Program offered to University of Arizona Residents and Fellows than you are in the right place. We would like to invite you review some of the resources that we have available including links to many excellent websites, modules and community resources.

The University of Arizona has long been known as the trailblazer for wellness and integrative care.  We recognize the value of providing mental health services to our trainees, both in maintaining the health of those who will be providing the future of medical care, but also in the value that mentally healthy physicians can bring to the institution and most importantly to patient care.

Many physicians avoid seeking treatment due to concerns about confidentiality and so we have developed a confidential process for you to request care with private practice psychiatrists with expertise in working with the unique challenges faced by residents and fellows at no cost to you. Both medication and psychotherapy services are available, and if needed additional referrals to community providers.

You can fill out the completely confidential form through this link. The information here is only accessible to the psychiatrists who will reach out to you through confidential email or phone to schedule a meeting. We look forward to meeting with you!

Julie Demetree, MD

Julie Demetree, MD

Housestaff Counselor


Margery Johnson, MD

Housestaff Counselor


To schedule an appointment, please complete the confidential referral form or contact a listed provider directly.

Request an Appointment

You may also contact your provider via OhMD (HIPPA Compliant texting app).


NEED A QUIET SPACE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT??  Here are some resources available to you:

1. Reserve a room in the College of Medicine – Contact GME Office at 520-626-7878 and request a space for telemedicine visit.

2.  Residents can use their UA NetID and password to reserve a private room in the AHSC library – here is the link:

3. A quiet room is available in the resident lounge, not reserved but is usually vacant.

4.  Utilize GME Office space – Contact GME Office at 520-626-7878 and request a space within the GME Office for telemedicine visit.



Additional Resources:

UA GME Resident and Fellow Wellbeing Program

Aetna Resources for Living/ Employee Assistance

Available at no cost to all employees and their household members, services are free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Aetna Resources For Living can provide resources for all aspects of wellbeing helping to make life easier including:

  •  Emotional Support – Talk to a counselor about what’s on your mind – stress, relationships, mood issues and more. You are able to meet over the phone, face-to-face or by online video stream.
  •  Legal – Speak with an attorney about basic legal issues like estate planning, tenant disputes, family issues and more.
  •  Financial – Discuss budgeting, credit and more with a financial expert.
  •  Daily Life Assistance – Let our specialists help you solve everyday issues and coordinate caregiving needs.
  •  Website – Check out articles, quizzes, webinars and more.

Questions? ContactResources for Living:
Phone: 1-866-568-7554